Cookies policy.

1.- General Provisions:

This website uses cookies, which are small data files generated on the computers and other mobile or electronic devices from which you access this website. Among other things, cookies afford information related with the date and time of the visit to the website and the content selected, thereby enabling Gestora Centre BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L, S.L.U. (hereinafter “BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L”) to improve the quality and security of such content. We similarly inform you that we will only store cookies on your device when they are strictly necessary for the functioning of this website. Given that we shall request your consent for all other types of cookies, none of these will be stored on your device without your previous consent, unless they are strictly necessary for the operation of this website. You have the right to modify or withdraw your consent in accordance with that set forth in this policy. Any cookies on this website that may be regarded as personal data will be processed in keeping with the privacy policy of BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L. If you would like further information on BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L and its contact information as well as any information related to the way this company processes its personal data, please refer to our privacy policy at the following link: []

2.- Types of cookies

BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L uses both its own and third-party cookies to manage and improve the services that it offers. On this website, the following types of cookies are used:

Statistical cookies:

Statistical cookies are cookies which, together with the anonymous communication of information, enable BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L to understand your interaction with this website. Therefore, the information gathered by means of this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of this website, as well as to create user browsing profiles, in order to improve the service, based on the analysis of the data related with the use thereof.

Cookie Provider Purpose Expiry Type
_ga:     Google Inc They enable the control function for single visits. This type of cookie is installed the first time that a user visits the BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L website by means of a browser.       When that user returns to our website by means of the same browser, the cookie considers that it is the same user. Only if the user changes browsers will Google Analytics deem him/her to be a different user. 2 years Third-party
PHPSESSID Google Inc Standard PHP cookie to control the maintenance of the session. Session Third-party

3.- Blocking, disabling and/ or deleting cookies:

BUM Blasi Urgell Morales, S.L informs you that the cookies described in the section above, with the exception of the necessary cookies, can be blocked, disabled and /or deleted at any time, by means of the following actions:

For further information on the blocking, disabling and /or deletion of the cookies, please click on:

Last update: 12/04/2019